Hydrocarbon Exploration

Crude oils and natural gases are mixtures of hydrocarbon molecules containing from 1 to 60 carbon atoms. Surface features like oil seeps, natural gas seeps provide basic evidence of hydrocarbon generation. Oil exploration is an expensive and high-risk operation. The primary search for the hydrocarbons often begins with observation of surface terrain. Location of faults at the surface is very important because in reservoir rocks they indicate where potential structure traps may lie beneath the surface.    

There are three primary process used to find hydrocarbons in the subsurface: Geophysical, Remote Sensing, and Wildcatting. Today, technological innovation allows more viable and orderly management of fields and better analysis of exploration scopes, reducing the need to drill innumerable exploratory wells saving money and minimizing environmental damage. 

  • Hydrocarbon Reservoir
  • Oil and Natural Gas Formation
  • Refining of Oil
  • Oil and Gas Restoring
  • Refined Oil Pipelines
  • Hydrocarbons

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